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South Zero Accelerator

Join one of our two tracks, either for aspiring founders, or for impact startups looking to grow.

Two tracks under a shared umbrella: The South Zero Accelerator

This accelerator is powered by the City of Oslo and is designed to show how impact-driven startups can play a pivotal role in establishing a 'Zero' community in South of Oslo.

'Zero' represents the aspiration for zero social exclusion, zero unemployment, and zero environmental harm.

The accelerator has two parallel tracks: One for impact startups looking to grow. And one for aspiring founder searching to kickstart their idea. Scroll for more information.

Key Dates


December 2023 - January 2024

Program starts

January 2024

Program finished

May 2024

Early Founder Track

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? This program is just for you! We want to find, inspire, and assist people like you who are eager to start their own businesses. We're looking for visionary people with ideas that can make a real positive impact.

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Accelerator Track

Are you a startup within the nordic region? We guide you in making your business stronger, understanding the impact you're making, and getting ready for investments. Best part? It won't cost you a thing, except for the time you put in!

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The South Zero Accelerator

This initiative, powered by City of Oslo, reflects a commitment to drive tangible change. By collaborating with innovative startups, they aspire to create a socially and environmentally sustainable capital, starting with Søndre Nordstrand.

Main partners

The main partners for The South Zero Accelerator are Impact StartUp and Gründergarasjen. Impact StartUp runs the program for the startups and Gründergarasjen runs the program for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Vital Role of Impact Startups in Driving Innovation

Innovation has always been key to making progress, moving societies forward, and solving big global problems. Lately, a special kind of entrepreneurs, called impact startups, have come onto the scene. They have a double goal: to do good for society and build businesses that last.

These value driven entrepreneurs represent a critical force in driving innovation towards a more sustainable and equitable future. By combining purpose-driven missions with innovative solutions, they challenge the status quo, inspire responsible business practices, and demonstrate the potential for profit and positive impact to coexist.

Program partners

Oslo Kommune
Stiftelsen Kaare Berg